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Comment Title Description Search Terms Date Final Comment Letter
Grand Slam Construction of a 20-foot by 30-foot lease area. Additional support equipment will be located within 10-foot by 20-foot lease area. Access will be gained via a 12-foot wide proposed gravel access drive emanating north from Overlook Road for approximately 400 feet to the proposed facility. Utility route #1 will follow a 6-foot wide easement south to a proposed point-of-connection on Overlook Road. Utility Route #2 will be routed north and then east, for approximately 140 feet, within a 10-foot wide utility easement to a proposed utility pole. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2610.pdf
D22170 Abiquiu Downtown / NM The Client proposes to install antennas on an existing building located at 10 County Road 187, Abiquiu, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. Antennas are proposed to be enclosed within a faux chimney to match the building. Lease area on the ground adjacent to the building on the west end will include support equipment and cabinets to be placed on an 8 ft. by 9.5 ft. cement pad in a 223 square ft. lease area enclosed by a wood fence to match the fence on an adjacent existing lease area. The lease area consists primarily of gravel and paved roadway, with patches of grass/weed. A proposed utility easement will extend through existing utility routes, and existing road, County Road 187 will be used for access. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2609.pdf
D20203 Arroyo Hondo / SAC Wireless / Taos County, NM SAC Wireless, LLC on behalf of AT&T and Commnet, proposes to remove an existing tower and construct a new 110 ft tall monopole cell west of Arroyo Hondo, in Taos County, NM. The proposed tower will be placed within an existing fenced compound that is graveled and currently contains solar panels and existing equipment for the tower some of which will be removed or relocated, as well as some vegetation to be removed. The project also includes expansion of the existing lease area from 50 ft. by 50 ft. to 80 ft. by 80ft. Existing utility and access easements will be utilized. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2597.pdf
Hagerman New Lift Sation The Town of Hagerman will plan, design, construct wastewater system improvements in Hagerman, NM (Latitude - 33.117470; Longitude -104.319486). Improvements consist of: pre-construction and post construction video documentation; mobilization and demobilization; material testing allowance; traffic control; 48 inch Pedestrian Gate; 16' vehicle gate; 239 lf furnish and install 8' high chain link fence; install new sanitary sewer lift station (inclusive of all material, labor, pumps, odor control unit, vaults, associated piping, valves, plumbing connections, control panel, excavation and site restoration. Fittings and all related appurtenances; 10 sy 3" thick gravel around lift station. All construction to include all material, labor, site restoration and related appurtenances. Proposed Action, Urban Development 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2590.pdf
Chaves County Health Office Chaves County will plan, design, construct, equip, a new Public Health Building to be located at 700 E Buena Vista Street, in Roswell, Chaves County, NM (latitude 33.374232; Longitude -104.513812. The building will be approximately 12,000 sq feet and will consist of approximately: 70,000 sf grading; 34,900 sf paving; utilities; 16,600 sf landscaping and irrigation; 480 lf fencing; standard foundations; 4" reinforced slab on grade; columns and trusses; framing; exterior walls; 32 insulated exterior windows; 8 exterior doors; 12,325 sf roofing; 1,150 sf canopy; partitions; 73 interior wood doors; wall finishes; carpet tile and vinyl composite tile; acoustic ceiling system; plumbing fixtures; domestic water distribution; HVAC; electrical; lighting; communications; security; institutional equipment such as built in cabinets and countertops and those items associated with constructing a new building. Urban Development 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2589.pdf
Valle Escondido WUI Area Removal of stands of hazardous fuels, focusing on small diameter ladder fuels which threaten lives or property. Forest thinning to reduce wildfire risk. Wildland Urban Interface 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2585.pdf
Ft. Stanton Fuels Reduction Project NM Forestry Division is assisting the Fort Stanton staff (DCA) in writing a wildfire fuels reduction and management plan. The plan will cover the 240 acres of the Fort, including several historic buildings. Fire Management Planning 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2556.pdf
Bull of the Woods shaded fuel break and Defensible Space Creation of a shaded fuel break on Village of Taos ski valley land and private residences on steep hillside. Main footprint will be only 4.4 acres above Kachina Road in the drainage. Other residences may see defensible space work done as funding allows. Wildland Urban Interface 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2582.pdf
Amizette WUI Defensible space work. Hand thinning. Less than 1 acre planned in this project area, but broadened the polygon to include other properties which might see additional defensible space thinning work. Wildland Urban Interface 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2581.pdf
Chilili NM ADV Construction of a telecommunications tower facility that will include an approximately 199-foot self-support tower and associated ground equipment within a 60-foot-by-60-foot fenced and gated lease area. Access to the site will be provided by an access and utility easement that will meander in a northwesterly direction along an existing dirt pathway from NM 337 Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2576.pdf
Goodman Avenue The City of Rio Communities plans to reconstruct 0.4 mile of Goodman Avenue between Damon and Horner Streets. The proposed improvements include one 12-foot driving lane in each direction, a drainage ditch on the north and south sides of the road, and a new 8-foot pedestrian path to the north of the road and drainage ditch. Luminaires would be installed along the corridor. The project would remain within the City right-of-way. It traverses a residential neighborhood. The project is being funded through local funding and a grant from the Transportation Project Fund (TPF). Roads and Bridges 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2572.pdf
Dead Horse Ranch Forest Stewardship Plan Forest Stewardship plan to drive restoration practices and improve habitat. Forest Restoration, Forest Stewardship Plan 2023-05-22 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2566.pdf
Modification 23-1 Application to Release All Financial Assurance, Permit, Silver Silica Mine Oro Blanco Mining Company, LLC (Oro Blanco) submitted an application to the State of New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division (MMD) to release all remaining financial assurance for the Silver Silica Mine, Permit No. SF003ME, in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. This application has been assigned to Modification 23-1. Mine Permit 2023-05-12 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2550.pdf
Windy Peak Project includes improvements to an access road and water tank, as well as the installation of a test well. 2023-05-04 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2580.pdf
Lea County Pipeline Proposed maintenance of existing pipeline. Improvements will make pipeline piggable. All work will be conducted within the existing permanent ROW. Oil and Gas Pipeline, Proposed Action 2023-05-01 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2565.pdf
NASA Wastewater lagoons Test wells for existing wastewater treatment lagoons. Proposed Action, Wastewater Treatment Plant 2023-05-01 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2557.pdf
Colorado Pikeminnow 5-year Status Review U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is initiating a 5-year status review for 27 species, including the Colorado Pikeminnow. FMD is commenting on this status review. Threatened or Endangered Species 2023-04-13 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2467.pdf
Calle de Picacho Improvements Replacement of underground water and sewer lines and drainage improvements along Calle de Picacho Proposed Action, Roads and Bridges 2023-04-13 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2543.pdf
Amended New Minimal Impact Exploration Permit Application, Cebolleta Exploration Project The Mining and Minerals Division ("MMD") received an amended permit application from Cibola Resources, LLC for a new minimal impact exploration permit in Cibola, New Mexico. Pursuant to NMAC, MMD is requesting comments from your agency regarding this application. The application from the operator can be downloaded from MMD's website at Mine Exploration, Mine Permit 2023-04-05 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2480.pdf
Mt. Taylor-Lamosca, NM As noted in Section 1.0, ATC currently owns and operates the communications tower facility known as Mt. Taylor-Lamosca, NM / 4199, located at the above-referenced Subject Property. The existing facility currently consists of a a 62' self-support tower and associated ground-based support equipment within a 8' x 14' lease area. The proposed project consists of the decommissioning and removal of the existing tower and associated facility. For the purposes of this Report, EBI assessed an area of 70 feet in all directions from the tower and 30 feet from all access/utility routes. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-03-28 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2495.pdf
Workplan for Road Repair, Summa Silver Mogollon Minimal Impact Exploration Summa Silver Corp. is requesting approval from MMD to perform road repair on Fannie Road (Catron County C-040) during Mexican spotted owl seasonal closure. Mine Exploration, Mine Permit 2023-03-27 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2469.pdf
Assisted Living and Small Homes The new facility, NMSVH Assisted Living and Small Homes, is a small housing (Green House) concept consisting of six individual living homes/units of approximately 10,000 square feet around courtyards and accessible gardens (Figure 1). The total site will occupy 4.5 acres. Each small unit is to have common areas with a shared kitchen/ pantry and large living and communal spaces including dining, laundry, and meeting rooms surrounded by 12 individual sleeping rooms with private baths. This Green House concept will help to reduce the institutional feel of a typical nursing home and provide a more familiar home-like setting environment, encouraging communication and relaxation. Due to an expedited schedule directed by the NM Governor's office, construction on the project began in July 2022. A biological resources survey was conducted in March 2023 by Souder, Miller & Associates. Military Operations, Proposed Action 2023-03-21 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2484.pdf
Section 22 Landowner FMP Forest Stewardship Management Plan. Forest Management, Forest Stewardship Plan 2023-03-21 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2478.pdf
CoRR Loma Colorado Segment 1 Phase A/B study evaluating potential improvements on Loma Colorado for Segment 1, which is from Northern Boulevard to Huron Drive. Potential improvements could include widening, sidewalk additions and/or improvements, drainage improvements, etc. The Phase A/B study examines existing conditions where the proposed improvements might occur and evaluates various alternatives, based on roadway constraints, drainage issues, environmental resources, traffic operations, and other factors. At this time, project details, including type of equipment to be used, amount of ground disturbance, and necessity for wildlife surveys or mitigation is not known and will be determined at later stages of the project (Phase C/D). Proposed Action, Roads and Bridges 2023-03-21 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2474.pdf
Bernalillo Solar Solar field and gentie in Bernalillo County, west of Albuquerque Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-03-21 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2459.pdf