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Comment Title Description Search Terms Date Final Comment Letter
FY24 MRGCD Invasive Thinning MRGCD Cut stump treatments (herbicide sprayed onto stump) of invasive trees and or foliar herbicide application. Removal of cut slash and dead and down material. Chainsaws, trucks, chippers and herbicide may be used. Forest Thinning, Proposed Action 2023-08-14 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2775.pdf
FY24 Riverside Drain Thinning Excavation on the outer bank of the East and West drains to provide a firebreak and create a road for emergency vehicle access. Forest Thinning, Proposed Action 2023-08-14 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2776.pdf
Sandia Park The proposed undertaking is located 286 Nugent Road, Edgewood, Sante Fe County, New Mexico 87015 and consists of an 80-foot tall monopine telecommunication tower and associated equipment contained within a 60-foot by 60-foot lease area at the above property. The undertaking includes an existing 35-foot wide by 1,500-foot-long access/utility easement that extends northwest connecting with Nugent Road. Also included is an existing 25-foot wide by 2,400-foot-long access/utility easement that extends northeast connecting with Nugent Road. In total the proposed undertaking is approximately 116,100.00 square feet. The proposed tower site is approximately 7,080 feet above mean sea level (AMSL). Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-08-11 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2782.pdf
FY24 MRGCD Big Hole Restoration Dead and Down Treatment Removal of dead and downed material post-fire. Chainsaws, hand felling, trucks, and designated trails/roads will be used. Forest Thinning, Proposed Action 2023-08-08 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2777.pdf
DeTemple Ciudad Private Property Thinning of Pinyon/Juniper on 14.5 acres of private property to reduce fuel loads and create defensible space. Thinning will reduce basal area by 30 square feet per acre. Slash will be removed from site. Project will occur in fall 2023. Forest Thinning, Proposed Action 2023-08-08 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2768.pdf
1686-01312023-AO Hobbs New Service Center MW Site Proposed construction of a new 295-foot (overall height) lattice (self-support) telecommunications tower and installation of associated equipment within an approximate 6,000 square foot lease area Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-08-08 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2770.pdf
Reynolds Solar proposed solar facility in Otero County, NM. Project is in preliminary stages so info needed is not known or calculated Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-08-07 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2751.pdf
Reynolds Solar Proposed solar facility in Otero County. Timing of activities such as, equipment and/or materials used, extent of ground disturbance, and wildlife surveys or mitigation are not known at this time. Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-08-07 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2762.pdf
Event/ Emergency Event Center Year-Round Tourism Destination/ Emergency Center Building: 100,000 Square Feet Area Floor: 6,000 Square Feet Seating: 6,000 people. Heavy equipment and metal building materials will be used. Proposed Action, Recreation 2023-08-03 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2766.pdf
Las Cruces Solar Potential solar energy facility on approximately 40 acres in Dona Ana County. Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-08-02 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2738.pdf
Ashley/Curry North Solar Project Proposed 3.125 MW solar project located in Curry County. Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-08-01 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2726.pdf
Clovis Concrete North Solar Project Potential solar energy project located on approximately 46 acres outside of Clovis in Curry County. Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-07-31 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2719.pdf
SLT-Hildago Solar Project Proposed 3.75 MW solar project located on approximately 30 acres in Hildago County. Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-07-31 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2720.pdf
SLT-Otero Solar Project Potential solar energy project site located on approximately 22 acres in Otero County, NM. Proposed Action, Solar Energy 2023-07-31 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2721.pdf
NM6_TATUM_RELHR Our client proposes to build a 220-foot self-support communications tower with antennas at a centerline height of 195 feet, within a proposed 65-foot by 65-foot fenced compound in a new 100-foot by 100-foot lease area. A proposed 30-foot-wide utility easement, with a 12-foot-wide access road, will extend 192 feet east terminating at South G Avenue. The proposed tower compound lease area and the access/utility easement will be located within a grass covered lot. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-07-31 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2759.pdf
NM07-127 Pacana Our client proposes to build a 60-foot tall monopine (overall 65 feet) within a 40-foot by 40-foot ground lease area enclosed within an 8-foot-tall CMU wall. A proposed underground power will run 65 feet from electrical area, west then southeast then northeast, to proposed disconnect bank. A proposed fiber will run 45 feet southeast from electrical area to proposed fiber vault, then 50 feet southeast to another proposed vault within a 5-foot utility easement. A proposed 12-foot-wide access easement will extend generally southeast to existing driveway adjacent to Calle Del Sur. This site is in a grass covered lot. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-07-31 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2750.pdf
Poso RCCLA Restoration of Douglasf fir forest stands infected with Spruce Budworm. Forest Management, Proposed Action 2023-07-31 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2748.pdf
160 Acres T&E species review for a site, no current construction of buildings currently planned. This property is vacant, with very little vegetation and rock mining operations. Timing - unsure. This is a preliminary assessment for the client. Threatened or Endangered Species 2023-07-31 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2754.pdf
Valdez Unit 3 Year-round firewood harvesting activities using forestry tools including motorsaws and transportation of wood products off-site for firewood cutting and splitting. Forest Fuelwood Management, Proposed Action 2023-07-27 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2747.pdf
Truchas A proposed 135' monopole telecommunication tower within a 100' by 100' lease area. Also includes a proposed 25' by ~93' access/utility easement. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-07-25 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2735.pdf
North Hills A proposed bell shaped telecommunication tower attached to an existing building. Also included are existing easements. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-07-25 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2743.pdf
Ground mounted solar project for agriculture producer Ground mounted solar system to be installed on previously disturbed land due to agriculture operations of a dairy. Solar will be installed between July 2023 to September 2023. Proposed Action, Threatened or Endangered Species 2023-07-21 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2694.pdf
Bumblebee A proposed 105' monopole telecommunications tower within a 75' by 75' lease area. Also includes a proposed 20' by ~85' access/utility easement. Additionally, a proposed 10' by ~82' utility easement. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-07-19 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2711.pdf
Prado Vista A proposed 100' monopine within a 50' by 50' lease area. Also included are two easements, 50' by 2,481' existing access easement and a 21' by 278' utility easement. Cell Tower, Proposed Action 2023-07-19 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2733.pdf
Middle Rio Grande Lower San Acacia Reach Improvement Project Public Scoping Meeting EIS The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) intends to realign a portion of the Rio Grande to the west of the existing channel between miles 74 and 54.5, all south of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and north of Elephant Butte Reservoir. During this scoping phase, the BOR is requesting information on available data for the project area, natural resources known to occur in the project area, current resource uses, and how the proposed project would impact the resource or resource use. New information, different ways to meet the project's purpose, and factual corrections or information on sources of credible research or data are all appreciated. Project goals include increasing water delivered to Elephant Butte Reservoir; enhancing ecosystem health; and increasing benefits of system maintenance activities by working with geomorphic trends of the river. Environmental Impact Statement, Public Meeting, River/Stream Management, Threatened or Endangered Species, Water Diversions/Irrigation 2023-06-27 public_comment_letter_NMERT-2632.pdf